Orgonite Pyramids help to filter, as well as balance our energy fields and atmosphere, they can also aid in strenghthening your body, doing this by transfering low frequency energy into one that is higher, more positive, and more beneficial for life. It is a very popular spiritual healing tool, also utilized for protection against EMFs due to the metals layered within. The layers within the Orgonite work to harness vital life force energy or (chi) and amplify it in a way that can be felt, as it balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical body.


This Pyramid Includes...

Sunstone is connected with luck and good fortune, clear and recharges all of the chakras, and increases vitality. It instills  good nature, allows your authentic self to shine through, enhances intuition, brings joy and positivity. Carries a strong Solar energy, embodying the strength, warmth, and openness of the Sun.

Beige Topaz promotes openness and honesty, self-control & realization. It brings joy, abundance, good health, generosity, good fortune, and relaxation. Stimulates the Root Chakra. Acts as a magnifier and assists in manifesting what you are focusing on, magnifies psychic abilities as well.

Rutilated Quartz - An illuminator for the soul, promotes spiritual growth, cleanses and energizes the aura, draws away negative energy, assists in letting go of the past. Provides protection against the ill thoughts of others. Enhances Creativity and brings a joyful vibration, brings harmony and balance to all chakras, enhances intuition when used with 3rd eye, also enhances manifestation and metaphysical sight. 

Goldstone a very gentle, uplifting stone, known to promote vitality. Builds energy and courage, promotes a positive attitude, has the metaphysical properties of copper.


Peridot opens your heart to joy and new relationships, it enhances confidence, assertion, motivates growth and change. Peridot also alleviates jealously, resentment, spite, bitterness, hatred, irritation, and greed.


Aluminum Metal Shavings excellent for strong protection, as it deflects incoming energies. Also, it is very calming effect when experiencing feelings of guilt, anxiety, or fear.  It encourages releasing bevaviors that no longer serve you, speaking your truth, finding yourself and rediscovering purpose. Aliminum helps us in being more alert and present, and assists in seeing through & process the hurdles of life 

Manifestation & Good Fortune

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