Orgonite Pyramids help to filter, as well as balance our energy fields and atmosphere, they can also aid in strenghthening your body, doing this by transmuting low frequency energy into one that is higher, more positive, and more beneficial for life. It is a very popular spiritual healing tool, also utilized for protection against EMFs due to the metals layered within. The layers within the Orgonite work to harness vital life force energy or (chi) and amplify it in a way that can be felt, as it balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The pyramids created here largely utlize the natural earth energy and properties of the genuine crystals and metals used.

  • Hematite detoxifies, aids grounding and protection, helps to develop self control, provides balance, absorbs negative energy. 


  • Sodalite is known to encourage rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition. This stone brings emotional balance, enhances self esteem, self acceptance, and self - trust. 
  • Unakite Jasper brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Nature's most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body.


  • Malachite is great for balance, abundance, manifestation, and intention. It absorbs energy and pushes emotions to the surface, clears and activates all chakras, great for stimulating the Heart and Throat Chakras. Resonates strongly with the element Fire. Assists with sexual difficulties, deepens emotional life, promotes adventerous and intensive living.Provides spiritual and energetic protection, helps to overcome phobias, encourages risk-taking, helps share one's truth with others, boosts mood.


Lavender, Hematite, Sodalite, Unakite, Malachite

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