Orgonite Pyramids help to filter, as well as balance our energy fields and atmosphere, they can also aid in strenghthening your body, doing this by transmuting low frequency energy into one that is higher, more positive, and more beneficial for life. It is a very popular spiritual healing tool, also utilized for protection against EMFs due to the metals layered within. The layers within the Orgonite work to harness vital life force energy or (chi) and amplify it in a way that can be felt, as it balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The pyramids created here largely utlize the natural earth energy and properties of the genuine crystals and metals used.


Kunzite enhances communication with the Divine or higher entities, provides emotional support for women, allows for a full experience of emotions, provides peace and calmness.


Obsidian A very strongly protective stone, forms a shield against negativitity. Draws out mental stress and tension, blocks psychic attack. and absorbs negative energies, dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. Promotes the qualities of compassion and Strength.


Blue Calcite is a very soothing and calming stone, it lessens anxieties and brings peace, absorbs negative emotions/energy and transmute it into positive, healing energy. Aids in memory and learning retention, great for Third Eye work, also encourages rest and relaxation, can enhance and activate the intuition, Facilitates calm and clear communication.


Kunzite, Obsidian, Blue Calcite

  • All information on crystals are from my own research from various websites, books and articles. I am not claiming any medical benefits, cures or preventions of any diseases from any crystal therapy and do not recommend stopping/changing any medications or treatments without consulting a health professional. Crystal healing is used as a personal choice and as it has been used in emotional and physical healing for many centuries- I do not guarantee any results. 


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