- This very special orgonite pyramids took about 5 days to create (not even including planning time!), and consists of 7 layers, each with the corresponding color to that Chakra, and containing crystals that correlate -


Orgonite Pyramids help to filter, as well as balance our energy fields and atmosphere, they can also aid in strenghthening your body, doing this by transfering low frequency energy into one that is higher, more positive, and more beneficial for life. It is a very popular spiritual healing tool, also utilized for protection against EMFs due to the metals layered within. The layers within the Orgonite work to harness vital life force energy or (chi) and amplify it in a way that can be felt, as it balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical body.

Crown Chakra

3 Quartz Points - Clear Quartz is well known for it's abilities to amplify the intentions and energies of other stones near by, it is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its magnifying qualities. Quartz is said to clear the mind of negativity and enhance high spiritual awareness and openness, provide clarity. Excellent for Crown Chakra healing and opening, balancing the upper and lower energies, reaching through all 7 of the chakras with energizing Divine light.


Amethyst is most often known as a stone of protection. Linked to the Crown Chakra, it is very useful is purifying the mind of negative thoughts, including relief of stress and anxiety. This is a stone of abundance, a facilitator of intuition, and has many  more healing benefits. Excellent to have in the home and for meditation. Brings tranquility to the crown chakra, enables you to focus on releasing blockages.


Star of David or Merkaba Copper Geometric Symbol - Excellent for the alignment of self with the outer world, awareness and discernment of highest good, releasing anything that no longer serves your highest purpose, releasing stress. Used in many ancient cultures. Associated with the Heart Chakra.


Copper - Works by accumulating life force energy and assisting in maintaining a healthier energetic/auric field, helps you to feel better physically and spiritually. Copper is also said to facilitate quick wittedness as well as mental agility, metals within orgonite also work in transmuting negative energies into positive ones.


3rd Eye

Blue Calcite is a very soothing and calming stone, it lessens anxieties and brings peace, absorbs negative emotions/energy and transmute it into positive, healing energy. Aids in memory and learning retention, great for Third Eye work, also encourages rest and relaxation, can enhance and activate the intuition, Facilitates calm and clear communication.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that encourages self awareness, allows self expression, and reveals your inner truth. Lapis inspires confidence, honesty, compassion, and morality to the personality. Associated with numerous supernatural powers and energies, boosts enlightenment.


Aluminum Metal Shavings excellent for strong protection, as it deflects incoming energies. Also, it is very calming effect when experiencing feelings of guilt, anxiety, or fear.  It encourages releasing bevaviors that no longer serve you, speaking your truth, finding yourself and rediscovering purpose. Aluminum helps us in being more alert and present, and assists in seeing through & process the hurdles of life 


Throat Chakra

Clear Quartz


Blue lace agate is excellent in Throat Chakra healing, assists with expressing thoughts and feelings, brings peace and tranquility, very calming and nurturing. Great for emotional healing, facilitating growth and stability, encourages introspection.


Kyanite is excellent for aligning all the subtle bodies and chakras, balances yin-yang energies gently, calming, and bringing tranquility. It is known to encourage psychic abilities and communication. A very high vibrational crystal, does not require cleansing because it does not retain or accumulate any energies.


Heart Chakra

Cherry Quartz has all the qualities of quartz along with being great for the heart chakra. Cherry Quartz is great for concentration, an excellent choice for anyone studying for exams. Quartz is said to amplify the energy of crystals around it or intentions set.Useful when courage to make changes is needed, boosts vitality.


Amazonite is an excellent tool of manifestation, and in meditation. Often used as a good luck charm.. Known as a stone of hope, great for filtering and alleviating stress, healing traumas, soothing and calming energies, assists in healing emotional issues. Used in blocking electromagnetic pollution emittions, expression,  problem solving, balancing male and female energies.




Solar Plexus


Peridot opens your heart to joy and new relationships, it enhances confidence, assertion, motivates growth and change. Peridot also alleviates jealously, resentment, spite, bitterness, hatred, irritation, and greed.


Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection and also brings good luck.  This stone has the power to bring focus to the mind, promote mental clarity, and uncloud emotions. Excellent in dispelling fear and anxiety. 


Sacral Chakra

Goldstone a very gentle, uplifting stone, known to promote vitality. Builds energy and courage, promotes a positive attitude, has the metaphysical properties of copper.


Root Chakra

Carnelian a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership, and courage. Great for protection and inspiration, stabilizing, stimulating creativity, promoting positive life decisions, useful in overcoming abuse and trusting yourself.  Great for grounding.


Obsidian A very strongly protective stone, forms a shield against negativitity. Draws out mental stress and tension, blocks psychic attack. and absorbs negative energies, dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. Promotes the qualities of compassion and Strength.

Crystal Grid with Copper Seed of Life - Seed of Life is excellent for brining harmony,balance, and truth. Also great for protection, as well as seeing things through to successful completion. 
















Giant 7 Layer Chakra Pyramid

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