Customization options include the intention - examples : Love, Communication,  Grounding, Chakras, Creativity, Money Luck/ Abundance, Positivity.. etc. (Please only select 1)

And/ or Colors theme (please only select 1)

A handwritten description of all crystals used will be provided♥️

Message with any questions or specifications if option you're looking for isn't listed♥️

Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom order creation/ shipping♥️


 All information on crystals are from my own research from various websites, books and articles. I am not claiming any medical benefits, cures or preventions of any diseases from any crystal therapy and do not recommend stopping/changing any medications or treatments without consulting a health professional.
Crystal healing is used as a personal choice and as it has been used in emotional and physical healing for many centuries- I do not guarantee any results. **

Custom Palm Sized Pyramid

Color Theme
Dried Flowers/Petals

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