- These very special orgonite pyramids several days to create (not even including planning time!), and consists of 7 layers, each with the corresponding color to that Chakra, and containing crystals that correlate - Orgonite Pyramids help to filter, as well as balance our energy fields and atmosphere, they can also aid in strenghthening your body, doing this by transfering low frequency energy into one that is higher, more positive, and more beneficial for life. It is a very popular spiritual healing tool, also utilized for protection against EMFs due to the metals layered within. The layers within the Orgonite work to harness vital life force energy or (chi) and amplify it in a way that can be felt, as it balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical body.



  • Crown - Amethyst, enhances intuition and inner sight, supports sobriety, treats insomnia and promotes restful sleep, enhances psychic abilities, supports connection to the spiritual realm and higher self.
  • Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli, enhances communication, increases truth and integrity, opens the third eye, allows for speaking one's truth, connects to spiritual and higher wisdom.
  • Throat - Blue Chalcedony, Promotes good dreams, reduces negative emotions, creates balance in all aspects of self, increases intuition, improves communication.
  • Heart - Malachite, provides spiritual and energetic protection, helps share one's truth with others, boosts mood, helps overcome phobias, encourages risk-taking.
  • Solar Plexus - Pyrite, aids in establishing prosperity, promotes success in business, brings good fortune, strengthens willpower.
  • Sacral - Carnelian, Increases vitality, promotes security and safety, promotes courage, promotes willpower and determination, aids in overcoming abuse, amplifies or provides energy.
  • Root - Obsidian, Supports grounding, clears root chakra blockages, calms grief, provides strength and energy, absorbs negative energy, exposes negative emotions, provides spiritual and emotional protection. 

Chakra Palm Size ♥️

  • All information on crystals are from my own research from various websites, books and articles. I am not claiming any medical benefits, cures or preventions of any diseases from any crystal therapy and do not recommend stopping/changing any medications or treatments without consulting a health professional. Crystal healing is used as a personal choice and as it has been used in emotional and physical healing for many centuries- I do not guarantee any results. 


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