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Have you heard about Reiki?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Reiki is the free flow and transference of universal Life Force Energy - 'Rei' meaning Universal Wisdom, and 'Ki" meaning Life Force Energy. All of our systems, Mind, Body, Spirit, are deeply connected and affect one another, far greater than realized. Many physical ailments come to be due to not dealing with and resolving emotional, mental, and spiritual turmoil. Reiki is a compassionate, loving energy that can heal on many levels, cleansing, detoxing and placing the recipient in an optimal state of healing.

The healing energy of Reiki is known to assist with and in some cases resolve issues such as anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression, body aches, help deal with trauma/grief, aligning & clearing the chakras bringing the root source of certain behaviors or feelings to the surface, and more. It can also be utilized for past life/karmic healing, cord cutting, spiritual protection, as well as manifestation. During a hands on Reiki session, different hand positions cover each area of the body to address each system and chakra, these systems are also addressed during distance sessions as well. These hand positions were created by Dr. Usui, and passed down to his students, to enable the transference of this energy all over the body through out our energetic door ways - which is what our chakras are.

After a Reiki session, recipients usually feel much calmer, less anxious, reduced stress, less fatigued, decreased pain, managing situations better that were previously difficult, better sleep, increased general well being, clearer thinking, less emotional reactivity, and more. At least 3 sessions recommended to work through each healing milestone. Reiki supports the body's ability to heal itself through the process of restoring its natural energy balance.

Any Questions about Reiki? Feel free to ask! You can comment here, send a chat, or a message!

Here at A Joyful Impression, owner and creator Tia Joy is a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher. Distance Reiki Services, as well as level 1 & 2 certification courses, will soon be added for booking.

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