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Welcome to A Joyful Impression, where every single item has been lovingly handcrafted. Products include but are not limited to  Orgonite Pyramids and Designs, Wire Wrapped Jewelry,Resin Jewelry and Home Decor. Subscribe to the mailing list and follow A Joyful Impression on FB to receive coupons and offers, as well as stay up to date on new items!


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Hey Ya'll!!
My name is Tia Joy. I am the owner and creator of A Joyful Impression, LLC. Here, we provide creative one kind pieces all hand-made with love, and a specific intent in mind. Lots of time and thought does into everything I create, it really means alot to me that each item is special and one of a kind. Each item is made with the customers happiness in mind. Distance Reiki Sessions are also available for booking!!!
-    A Little About Me –
I am a Reiki Master (Traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meridian Resonance, & Karuna Ki) , Nurse, and a very spiritual individual. I love nature, the earth, the moon, and all of our planets glorious natural creations. I started this journey as a means to heal, cleanse, and uplift my spirit in as many ways as I could and create a deeper connection.  In doing so, I came across others who also had the desire to connect, to heal, to grow. 

Thank you for taking the time to see what we have available here. I truly hope something catches your heart as you browse. Always remember to stay up to date with new items, which are added quite frequently!!

Thank you, and Sincerely,

Tia Joy


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